The Truck

This page is for Truck Choice.

So many things went into our decision to purchase our truck.  Here are some of the things to consider.
  • Truck load capacity
  • Wheel load and tire selection
  • Stability
  • Back up camera
  • Diesel vs. Gas
  • To trailer or not to trailer
Our desired usage:
We finally decided to use the truck for regular duties outside of camping.  We have fun with ATV off road 4 wheeling, Motocross with the nephews, Home maintenance and yard work, etc. etc. etc.  We wanted to set up our truck to be able to tow a trailer, load the truck bed and travel to off road riding areas, camp with the camper while pulling a trailer and more.  

Our selection:
2004-1/2 Dodge RAM 1 ton (fits in our garage) with long bed, single rear tires, diesel with 2004 1/5 updated torque and transmission.

We upgraded the truck with a new engine computer (better power and mileage), firestone air bag rear suspension help, leaf spring rubber helpers, and 10 ply tires on stock wheels.  While this is minimal for carrying a 9 ft. camper with slider, we felt it was sufficient for our use and kept drivability acceptable for regular use.  I'd like to add adjustable shocks, rear anti-sway bar and possibly a rear backup camera.

The Drive:
The truck fully loaded drives like a charm.  When we start exceeding the speed limits, sway becomes an issue.  For the most part, the truck fully loaded drives better when loaded that when empty.  The long bed seems to really help avoid porpoising down concrete expansion joint highways.  

Will provide more later, if you have any questions, please ask.


Thinking of getting monroe adjustable shocks and a rear sway bar.  I'll update the ride experience if/when I do.  For those that asked... the tires are NW local branded Toyo (Les Schwab Tires), 10 ply, M+S and I run about 70 lbs. all around.  I typically will put 52-65 lbs in the air bags depending on load.  The air in the shocks helps with sway quite a bit.