Tuesday, December 28, 2010

We finally purchased our first Truck Camper

We searched for quite awhile before choosing just the right truck camper for us.  And I am glad that we did!  

Linda and I started looking at everything on the lot. There really are so many choices that you start wondering why so many different models and styles are manufactured.  I would change my mind after each new model that we checked out.  I finally said "that's enough!".  To the blogs I went.  I received the best advice from talking with people that share my interests and background.  I decided to look for the camper first, and then the truck.  Kind of odd, since I'll need the truck to pick up the camper.  We had to choose what size, where we would use the camper, the expected weather, inside vs. outside space, you name it.  

We ended up with a small/mid sized camper that works well in cold and hot, can tow trailers behind it easily and is easy to use.  I begin our camper stories with our first long trip.

I'll post separate blog pages for how we chose the camper, accessories, truck, truck modifications, etc.  Lots of good info there.

Looking forward to many many camper stories of our adventures, the things we learned along the way, and just an expression of our joy in our new adventures.